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Procurement& Supply Assistant (Fesco Contract)


-Assist procurement team on daily Purchase Orders processing for all Demand andOverheads categories. Contribute ideas, energy, enthusiasm and support to thecontinuous improvement of the Source to Pay process.

-100% delivery on Diageo compliance standard. Recording breaches in Purchasingpolicy and update monthly retro PO report.

-Manage contract list and ensure accurate documentation both on local drive andglobal system.

-Working closely with data team to ensure accurate vendor master data recordingin SAP.

-Prepare quarterly supplier data review and spending report to demonstrate goodunderstanding of local vendor pool status.

-Actively support SPMs on facilitating new vendor creation and management newvendor list for all Demand and Overheads categories. Provide accurate check andrecording of new supplier company credentials and certifications.

-Manage one time vendor set up process according to local Purchasing policy.

-Maintain local cost library & support SPMs on benchmarking exercise.

-Accurate documentation of procurement reports including KYBP questionnaires,saving reports etc.

-Timely delivery of other ad hoc tasks (ie. RFI exercise to key suppliers).

-Reporting of quality concerns back to source plant based on inspection outcomefrom 3rd party partner, and facilitates compensation process with customerservice team.

-Review of Guinness quality survey data from regional sales team

-Maintain CIQ inbound and outbound information via CIQ on-line system

-Filling hard copy documents, like Sanitary Certificate etc

-Document search / submit as per internal or external request , like Sanitarycertificate, Import Declaration documents

Top3 functional capabilities for this role (Max. 3):


-Involves the right people to obtain information needed.

-Willingly offers help or assistance to others when needed.

-Ability to build and maintain successful relationships with other team membersand users from other functions

Procurementand Financial Control

-Good understanding of local Purchasing policy & global guidelines

-Is aware of local tax legislation and policies impacting the market

-Understands the role of internal controls and expected outcomes of havingproper internal controls e.g. reliability & integrity of businessinformation, safeguarding of assets and intellectual capital

FinancialProcesses and Systems

-Uses system outputs to meet basic job requirements and applies basic tests forreasonability and accuracy

-Ability to articulate system issues clearly to ensure solutions can beidentified and implemented

EssentialQualifications / knowledge / experience required / languages

-Basic knowledge of Accounting principles

-Purchase to Pay Process Knowledge - Good knowledge of relevant process.Accurately and carefully follows established procedures to the agreed servicelevels

-Strong organizational, customer service, manager and employee relation skills

-Attention to Detail/Accuracy - Demonstrates sound commitment to importance ofright first time principle through ensuring own work is 99% error free.Assists colleagues where necessary in learning effective techniques


-English excellent

PCskills/System knowledge

-MS applications, especially strong Excel and Outlook


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