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Brandand Innovation Executive is mainly responsible for SJF (Shui Jing Fang) brandand innovation development in Shui Jing Fang brand international market.


a)Market Complexity

-CurrentlyCWS directly manages 6 duty paid regions/countries and indirectly manages SJFtravel retail business in more than 100 international airports. The consumerdemand and market situation varies from region to region and it is difficult tocome up a single solution for all the markets, especially in terms of brandtoolkits and innovations.

b)Leadership Responsibilities

-InternalC individual contributor and need to work closely with SJF, GTME, Brand Changeand outside agency

Purposeof Role-

-Thisrole will manage both brand and innovation projects and develop SJF brandassets/toolkits and innovations for international market, including both dutyfree and duty paid

Top3-5 Accountabilities

-Workwith domestic Marketing and agency to develop SJF international specific brandassets and toolkits;

-Workwith domestic Marketing and GTME Innovation to design and develop new productsfor international market based on trade/consumer insights and business growthobjectives;

-Executionexcellence to make sure every new brand innovation initiatives can be launchedin time and meets KPI;

-Followup on the brand owner A&P funding usage and create on time and qualityM&E for all channel related activities with clear recommendation forthe next programs;

-Ensureall activities, processes and communications strictly follow company compliancepolicy (DMC, COBC, KYBP, etc.)

Qualificationsand Experience Required

-Havea strong career aspiration in marketing or brand

-3+years marketing experience in consumer product industry or agency or relatedfunctions

-Havesense of beauty and can transform brand insights into high quality brand assets

-Greatcommunication skills and able to seek to understand first then to be understood

-Quicklearner and have proven record to pick up a new skill in a short period of time

-Self-motivatedand persistent in get things done

-Fluentin written and spoken English

Barriersto Success in Role

-Thisis a newly created role and there is no established way of working

-Inabilityto make a sound business recommendation due to lack of enough data

-Limitedface-to-face communications with key customers and will heavily rely on email,IM and phone call

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